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Chargrilled Corn On The Cob with Queso Fresco. And a twist.

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I always love summertime for the wonderful produce that comes along with it, specifically, corn on the cob! Is there anything better than eating corn right off the cob? Maybe in rows. Perhaps you prefer to eat it a bit more randomly. I honestly don't believe that there is, but it's a joy we only have a finite amount of time to enjoy, so I end up doing corn to death in the summer. Boil or Steam. Butter. Eat. With the introduction of our new grill, I decided it was high time I made us some grilled corn on the cob. It's simple. Just husk it, and grill it until it's lightly browned. This variation pulls inspiration from elote, a Mexican street food that you'll find quite often across the South. The result is a nice sweet and tangy combination, and paired with the coolness of the cheese and cilantro, it's quite delicious - without butter!

Chicken Corn Poblano Casserole. Or any other pepper you like.

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Our pepper plants are going crazy in the backyard, so I’ve been trying to come up with clever ways to use them all up. My husband’s about to start pickling them, so to circumvent that from happening, I hijacked a few jalepenos and some anaheim chilies from our backyard for dinner. This dish can be easily prepared once the chilies and corn have been roasted. I used a rotisserie chicken to speed the process along since it was a week night. Feel free to add as many peppers as you think you can stand. After the broiling and the subsequent cooking, they tend to lose their heat, so if in doubt, go heavy!

Seafood and Sausage Paella

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Although I'm Spanish by heritage, I've only had paella a handful of times in my life. I remember eating at the Spanish American Club in San Francisco with my family and my uncle and cousins when I was about 13 years old. We had tapas and arroz con pollo and paella, and it was all incredibly delicious! Now, I don't have a paella pan yet, but I do plan on getting one as there was not nearly enough of the burnt bottom crust in my version of the dish, but a Dutch oven is a fine alternative.

Grilled Petite Filets

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I used to have an aversion to grilling food. Our cast iron grill pan is nice, but using it inside is a bit inconvenient, and cleaning it . . . well, it's not as easy as cleaning an actual outdoor grill. Last night, we broke in our new grill with these lovely petite filets, done simply with copious amounts of salt and pepper, and olive oil. Delicious!