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Sweet Buttery Cornbread

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Now that it's in the high 70s in Dallas, I had originally intended this post to focus on reveling in the cold and icy weather we had been dealing with and suggesting cornbread and chili as the perfect comfort food; well, it just seems poorly timed now that we're entering summer-time temperatures. But, it is still February, the weather in other parts of the country could still be worthy of a nice hot bowl of chili, so I'm just going to roll with this post today. Those of you that are still wearing your snow boots and shoveling driveways; you'll be pointing your fingers and laughing when I'm complaining about the immense heat come August. So, my big weakness is bread. Living in the South, I have had so many versions of cornbread with additions like bacon and jalapenos and cheese. While they are always delicious in their own right, nothing really tastes better to me than a nice buttery piece of sweet cornbread; plain. I emphasize the plain-ness of the cornbread because it's so much more versatile; as a base for a good chili, crumbled the next day in a stuffing, and drizzled with honey as dessert. I found a version of this recipe online at, and made a couple of tweaks with ingredient levels. The recipe I found had 1/4 cup more sugar, but I worried it would be overly sweet, and found this to be a great happy medium. It makes quite a bit, so leftovers can be easily used for a couple of days. Hope you enjoy this recipe!

Orange-Maple Glazed Chicken Thighs

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It's Super Bowl week, and there has been an overwhelming smell of apathy in the air for the upcoming game. Compounding the lack of any real excitement coming from surrounding Cowboys fans, we have had some incredibly treacherous weather here in the Dallas area recently. Beginning on Tuesday morning with an ice storm that shut down the entire city coating each and every street along my commute with slippery sheets of ice. The temperature has not ventured above freezing since Monday, so the ice has stuck around, much to my (and my boss') chagrin. Last night, we were rewarded with another 6"-8" of snow on top of that inch of ice. As a native Las Vegan living in the South, let's just say that this is exactly why I DIDN'T move to Chicago when I had the opportunity. Needless to say, I've become a bit stir crazy, and we decided to break out the camera equipment, lights, and "fancy" dishes for a dinner photo shoot. This recipe was a delicious combination of sweet and savory, and when I suggest using real maple syrup, I'm using grade A medium amber maple syrup. No Mrs. Butterworth's, please. The chicken was moist and tender. I left the skin on the thighs, and after broiling with a nice amount of seasoning, added a lovely crispy texture to the rest of the meal. This is a definite "make again", and after serving with some very simple steamed broccoli, the sauce makes plain old broccoli a delicious veggie that your kids might even happily eat!