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Chicken, Bacon & Cannellini Bean Chowder

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This week has been a bit of a bust in our household. I've been sick since last Tuesday/Wednesday, and just when I'm finally feeling a bit better, poor W has come down with the same icky cold that started my sinus infection and bronchitis. So, last night I was in a total comfort food mode and wanted to channel this Tiger vs. Dragon Soup from Aarti's (yes, the Food Network's Star's former blog, Aartilla the Fun that I made a few weeks ago). But, I wanted it to taste more homey and rich, so based it on a chicken and cannellini bean soup I had made in the past, with the addition of some bacon . . . and some creamed corn. The creamed corn gives it a delightfully sweet touch that contrasts nicely with the savory comforting richness of chicken paired with bacon. I'm feeling better now. But, I'll probably have to make a new batch to get W through his sickness. Bless his heart.

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

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Happy Belated St. Patty's Day! I've recently been chatting with a dear friend who lives in Ireland, and she mentioned to me that March 18th of this year was the first time she had ever heard of all of the "pinching and wearing green" malarkey that us Americans go on and on about every March 17th. I was a bit ashamed to admit that I didn't even know of the origins of the holiday as I have Irish Catholic roots; have we really translated a holiday meant to mark the arrival of Christianity in Ireland into a green beer drinking, corned-beef eating good time? We have? I mean, sign me up, but let's not forget to take a moment to bow our heads and thank Saint Patrick for finding that 4 leaf clover on March 17th. I'm celebrating late because I have been sick the last week, and only just felt up to cooking something this morning. One of my favourite uses of Corned Beef is as a hash. If you have already cooked leftover potatoes from another dish, this is a fantastic way to utilize them. Meat and potatoes with a fried egg = a pretty delicious breakfast.